The fourm torunament round of 32 FINAL Part!

glaceon8 vs DOOMSLAYER

Likes glaceon8 wins 549 to 294 1-0

Likes given glaceon8 wins 383 to 133 2-0

Topics created glaceon8 wins 32 to 10 3-0

Replies posted DOOMSLAYER wins 458 to 474 3-1

Topics viewed glaceon8 wins 1.7k to 1.0k 4-1 glaceon8 wins!

So, in the middle of making this clans happened. Now the reason why this is important is because people put their clan in front of their username. Now to spice this up, I will be including clans in this.(not for this post though)

ColoredHue vs Dev3x

Likes ColoredHue wins 999 to 915 1-0

Likes given ColoredHue wins 1.2k to 912 2-0

Topics created ColoredHue wins 61 to 25 3-0

Replies posted ColoredHue wins 661 to 538 4-0 ColoredHue wins!

Acol vs Fish

so you wanna know what else happened? Acol got suspended. So Fish wins.

Zarooma vs Slapdabass

Likes Zarooma wins 3k to 1.7k 1-0

Likes given Zarooma wins 4.6k to 2.1k 2-0

Topics created Zarooma wins 37 to 24 3-0

Replies posted Zarooma wins 3.2k to 1.2k 4-0 Zarooma wins.

glaceon8,ColoredHue,Fish and Zarooma all move on to the round of 16!

New thing coming Feb 28 (For those who know I moved it by one day so that it would not be on the same day as the tournament.) Draw for round of 16 at 7:00 est.

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I just got absolutely sweeped :skull::skull::skull:

Yeah, even more than I expected.

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I gotta be more active

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I think I do know one reason why you lost.
You are young compared to a lot of other big users (even me). If you had joined before Zarooma, you would have easliy won.


Maybe not easily lol


am i out

No, you are in.

He most likely will pass me in topics I don’t do topics that much as for likes uh cosmic/manage made me a addicted and for getting like well manage again and some other including slap but yeah slap is doing well let’s see in a few months how his stats improve

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Sry I’m going against manage soon though :skull:

Good luck soldier

Those who are still in:
ManagePasswords,Bread,3RG3R,ANGEL,Hamm,Desertshadow,FLARE,Assassinator,vul,potatolord,Codergautam,HarshitT,ColoredHue,Fish and Zarooma

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Matchups time!

ANGEL vs fish

vul vs ColoredHue

FLARE vs Desertshadow

Hamm vs Assassinator

Bread vs 3RG3R

Zarooma vs glaceon8

Manage Passwords vs potatolord

HarshitT vs codergautam


Yaay I’m safe

GG @_IK_glaceon8 GG


well im out

Yeah, but round of 16 is really good!

too easy!

From now on I will be doing the rounds all at once.
New schedule.
March 5 Round of 16
March 10 Quarter-Finals
March 15 Semi-Finals
March 20 Finals