The swordverse

TGFB S0 (Takes place in a dream at 2ybb
TGFB S1 (Takes place on the swordbattle planet)
SCC (Takes 10 years after TGFB after everyone made peace)
TGFB S2 (Takes place 10yab)
SFGL (Takes place 100-200 years after TGFB, when everyone has moved into one house) itself (Takes place from 500 ybb (Years before battle, or years before TGFB, to 2000 years yab.)
Map at 0 ybb:

The map is small, and messy. Here is the key: (It was originally going to be used for another project, that’s why there is a black outline, islands, and why it is based off a world map.)
Em. Electric mage
Fm Fire mage
M: mitbaldians
Ci: Coder islands
Wm: Water mages
Bl: Bleached lands
Sk: Slapper kingdom
Ml: Manage land
Uc: Unclaimed
Go: Grower overlords
Ir: Irradiated
UI: (Supposed to be a v) Vietnam
Ma: Malaysia
Pa: Paupa New Guinea
Au: Australia
Will add more.


SCC (skin creation challenge)
10 years after TGFB when the fire mages and eclectic mages made peace (mentioned in TGFB lore 1b)

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Will add on.

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Hold on, i was in the huge war. Am i a godly entity then?

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We don’t know the war yet, all we know is that the generals of both sides disappeared


no you’re a goofy entity

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I was a part of a small resistance…


another small error, TGFB s1 is what you are calling TGFB, you forgor abt other seasons

Season 0 takes place in a dream 2 years before TGFB season 1

TGFB season 2 takes place around the time of SFGL

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What about the war?

The war lasts from around 20ybb to 2yab. (Probably will change)

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I was inside the actual dream area, as i had made my portal go into the place, i can cross the boundaries and go into a dream without having to fall asleep

…so I was merely a dream :(

Who’s dream was it?

SHHH, it’s okay, you’re still real, just not in TGFB

better to be a dream then a nightmare

eh, you got a point…

Ours, we end up telling eachother and you agree to help me make it real

Got it.

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at some point, i plan on working on a prequel with you

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Added a map.