The time MitBlade brutally stabbed me

It was a dark, gloomy day in swordbattle land. This had been the case for some time now. I was tired, and wanted to log off into the real world. But something kept me stay there, playing on this virtual battlefield of swords and magic. It was a strange feeling, because it wasn’t like I actually liked swordfighting or anything.

I knew what it was though: The game’s appeal came from the fact that you could compete with other players, meet people, and chat with them. And in the dead bot lobby, I waited for a friend, someone who could talk with me, and someone who I could have fun with.

And suddenly, someone joined. I read the red nametag glowing above him, it read “MitBlade”. I thought, he must be a very dominant player because he had a whole skin dedicated to him.

“Yo, how ya doin’?!”, he said

He looked up at me as if he just noticed me standing there. He didn’t look like much of a tough guy, but he sure seemed to know how to use his sword well enough. He wore armor that made him seem like an elf, which is common for players of this game. His skin was handsome, and even I had it equipped.

“Woah, is that my skin?”, he asked

“Yeah,” I replied

I guess he hadn’t seen anyone else wearing the skin before. I felt more confident around him than I did when I was alone. But then again, I would feel confident around anyone who was willing to spar with me. I felt a rage with me, a rage to end him once and for all.

“Alright! Let’s get started!” he yelled

“Ya, let’s!” I shouted back

We went into combat mode. With his insane reaction time, he attacked first. He swung down his sword and hit mine. I blocked it by using my own weapon. Then, I managed to swing at him, knocking him back. He fell to one knee. I took advantage of his momentary weakness and started to attack him again. He stood up, avoiding the attacks. When he turned back toward me, I jumped on top of him and got my sword to his neck. He froze.

“DIE” I screamed. My voice echoed throughout the room. He dissapeared. I couldn’t believe that I had finally killed someone as powerful as MitBlade.

But suddenly, he appeared behind me. It was all a trick. He sent his slave out as a distraction.

“So what did you just say? You’re going to kill me?” he smiled.

“No, no, no, I’m not gonna kill you. How about we go to the arena together? We’ll fight each other there.”

“No, you think you’re good? I will put an end to you right here, righ-”

Then, before he completed his sentence, he hit me with his own sword. Before I knew it, I was red.

“Cheater! Gah…”

“You’re quite the fighter. I bet you win a lot, don’t ya?” he teased.

With all my remaining power, I activated my power. I grew about 10 times bigger, and I gained the strength of 10 men.

“Oh man… You are strong!” MitBlade gasped

I was just as surprised as he was. I saw a little fright in his eyes, so I decided to make fun of him.

“Ha ha ha! Are you scared now? Well, you should be! Because I am going to kick your butt!”

And with that, I charged at him. I was faster than he expected, and I was able to knock away his sword. I quickly grabbed hold of him and cut him in the face.

“Ahh!!” he screamed

I threw my sword, and it knocked his mask aside. He was a boy, not a girl.

With his face revealed, MitBlade activated his evolution. He turned into a dragon. His body was covered in scales, and he breathed fire at me.

“Nooo!” I cried out

And before I knew it, I was history.


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WHY DOES HE HAVE A SLAVE oOoOo mitblade has a slavee ooooooOOOOO

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