The ULTIMATE Challenge Details


The ULTIMATE challenge is going to be a BIG and VERY HARD challenge, there will only be 5 challenges

I won’t reveal the challenges so you just have to wait >:]

what I recommend for you to be a little good is too…

  • have over 5M XP
  • over 1K stabs

that’s the things you have to have if you want any chance of beating the ULTIMATE Challange

More Detail

The ULTIMATE challenge is going to happen on the last of May

(also watch out for the challenges for the first day of summer but it won’t be as hard as the ULTIMATE challenge)

It is FInally Here

i also found out when i said I would be posting 4 topics a day everytime I make one it doesn’t have to be approved

that means slap did something
or a got trust level 2 or 3

you misspelled "challenge"4 times

Grammarly installs

no it was me

ok thats the reason

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