The wait on lore and the member rankings

most people here probably know me for two main things, fun lore and even more fun forms, however, I have had many things get in my way.

Why lore has stopped recently

The lore has the most normal reason, being that there is no reason to continue it.
Don’t worry, if the lore becomes official, there will be more. I agree with several others, as they say, the lore should be more story-based. sadly, I think the mods would need to give me permission and I would most likely need a way to hide the lore. the initial series was for basic history that everyone was supposed to know, but we’ve finished in that category.

What about the forms?

As for the forms, it’s much different. I have to do the math in my math class, as I have no other time to do it, and thanks to grades, this has been made difficult because I can’t find averages. I also am working on personal projects, such as a 2D fighting game and a horror story. I also do not post on weekends for this reason

Anyways, sorry for the delay, the next form will be out tomorrow. and will change to weekly instead of daily.



Wdym permission fort lore? Excuses?

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Permission to make it official and somewhat hide it in the game itself. not excuses

U mean the lore abt like the island etc?

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Kind of, I want a story, like how people live on the island, that kinda stuff. i want it to be hidden via notes and papers and the news and such


Dm gautam in a msg thread. Loop me in

Yoooo i hope the game gets an actual lore.
That would be amazing👌
I wonder if you could like make like puzzles based on the lore and like get people to solve and in return they get a limited skin.
I would really love to see swordbattle io get a lore update!
Maybe there could be a map where there are like clues hidden. That would be really cool, but i guess that would take too much effort…


If you collect all the notes, you get the lore skin

The one you made?

then yes!

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