These Swordbattle tips will make you unstoppable

  1. Make sure to run away when low on health- Seriously, why would you stay and fight if you’re about to die? That’s a sure way to lose!

  2. Don’t forget to use your special ability!- Just make sure to use it at the most random and unpredictable times. It’ll surely throw off your opponents!

  3. Do NOT underestimate your opponents- It’s okay to be confident, but don’t get overconfident and think you’re invincible. It’s a surefire way to get taken down.

  4. Don’t forget to bring a friend- Two heads are better than one, and having a friend with you when you enter the fray can make all the difference.




extra kill (:<

yum free snacks
in all just murrder evrey one and they cant do much


Imagine me killing the people who 5v1 me even tho i start as tank


that is so true tank is great you can wipe out teams pretty ez really if you have good timing

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6 points, you’re still eliminated though

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Omg trying to edit…

Nah, just make them low and if u die roach them, ez >:)

only using when player runs too much or if its a noob, would not waste abil

This should be told to my opponent >:) cus im pro

nah, i always go solo unless i see someone that is team

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Forgot to add: these tips are for new players so that I can level up faster!!!


If coder does every single challenge despite being out, until the rejoin, and if the rejoin is by vote, I will vote coder.


hmmm where have i seen this


yea i wonder :thinking:

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bro this is clickbait lol the name says unstoppable

wait how will these tips make the new players “unstoppable” as you said cause then how do u kill them :sweat_smile:


isint it obvious lagg gg srY i aM a LAG Macine

also you have to hit right most players cant kill me bcz i found a really good way of killing people

Just saying, I fight till I die!
Unless I have over 100k, then I try to get away.

dont be a coward kill all

I rarely have over 100k, so it’s normally not a problem

dont run lol if you’re 100k u have size advantage

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