This is searis unfollow scammer its _MV_NeverWinCSGO or he will leave the forum plz

_MV_NeverWinCSGO3:57 pm

youcan unfollow now

@_MV_NeverWinCSGO This true?

tap on the time


he change his user

try this it explanes everything Scammer3:52 pm

for saying that i will donate $2 per followers and not following thru

I mean, they did actually donate money to the forum though.
Why else do you think they has the supporter badge?

Ohhh, so that’s the scammer lol

i think i was to late

im sad

He’s not a scammer just b/c he didn’t donate $2 to the forum :skull:, he probably just took this chance to leave the forum lately I’ve been thinking about taking a quick “break” from the forum.

He sent me a grab-iffy link lmao

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grabify wow, worst ip logging site takes little to no packets to crash a grabify link.

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frl tho

I never was followed :laughing:

he got it before he did the “fundraising”

were good he changed his name back

damn rip

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