thumbnail tips?

so…here’s my dilemma-

i have a completed video…but…no thumbnail. for me, personal experience tells me that the thumbnail is the hardest part of making a good video.

why? well, while making a video can be hard, thumbnails are what entice the viewer to click on the video and watch it, which means to make a user feel like they arent being clickbaited you need to have the thumbnail extrapolate the vide topic completely.

plus, im not sure which website/software i even SHOULD be using for this-

(i know the rule of threes and the general idea, just not how to EXECUTE it.)

so, any tips?

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Just be you.

i get that, i just dont know how to execute it to look good

sketch out first and think as a veiwer

great advice! thanks! i’ll be sure to use it. (though if anyone else has got advice feel free to share!!)

yw <3

clickbait thumbnail is important

i decided to try doing a type of layering with text, i was learning and rushed so it isnt that good but ill improve


Thumbnails + Video Titles are the MOST important part of the video.
Video Titles should be a brief description of the video… but put in an entertaining way.

Avoid: I played (Boring Title, not very descriptive)

Do instead: Absolutely SLAYING with the new update in Swordbattle! (Cooler Title, gives more context)

Thumbnails should be something to stand out from the crowd of videos people scroll through. Try drawing a thumbnail or using BIG IMAGES to stand out!

Avoid: Taking a screenshot of swordbattle and adding thin text. (Not noticeable)

Do Instead: Grab the assets from the game and arrange them in an interesting way that over-exaggerates the purpose of the video. (Very noticeable, will peak the interest of more people)

If you want your theme like softcore make more softcore type objects and listen to hue as well

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yeah its just cuz the song name is softcore so i wanted to make smth like that, also what is a softcore-type object anyways?

thanks hue!

wow i will def put this to good use

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something that pop and sticks with the theme of yours

i’ve heard of the rule of threes too. would that apply with my montage vids?

maybe depends

it probably would. i mean, the principle carries over right?

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