Tips and Tricks for Tips and Tricks - The Ultimate Guide - Forum Edition

Made by @prookl.
Edited for your ease of reading.

General Tips:

1. Make an account.

If you make an account, you can purchase cool skins and cosmetics, and get some stats. You can also get campaign quests from account, from completing you can get REWARDS. and you need an account to fight bosses.

2. Try out every class.

It’s fun to see how each one works, and test out how the stack up against each other, not to mention finding a potential main!

3. Upgrades count!

There are a lot of different builds for different classes, but the most universal one is movement, all speed, all extra jumps, all jump and dash.

4. Running and Juking.

With all the speed from your upgrades, it will be necessary to run. Don’t listen to others if they say “scared” or “runner,” because 100 times out of 100 they will also run too. If you’re on low health or need to dodge, you should 100% run because staying there is RISKY. Juking is giving someone a path, then changing that path at very last moment, it’s very much required to predict someone’s movement and attack patterns, especially how their weapon can attack too. If you juke too early or late, they have enough time to adjust and hit you.

5. Look before you leap.

Scope it out what they’re doing before engaging in combat, don’t give much of your information, but try and get theirs by seeing how they attack.

6. Your location matters.

Certain weapons are better in certain areas; for example, Paladin, champion, and holy hammer are really good classes when you’re falling down, because you swing overhead and down. Sniper and ranged classes are really good in 1 block high tunnels, etc etc. Knowing your weapon’s range can end up being the deciding factor in a fight.

7. Bosses.

You need an account to summon and beat them, but there are 3 bosses, Goblin Warlock, Erthium eye, Mechanical Terror, they’re all pretty difficult to beat at low level, and they give good xp too when killed.

8. Teaming up. teaming up with someone else is very good for survival.

9. Killing teams while solo is hard!

Here’s how to do it, make every shot count!
ultimately the game is get your hitbox to hit and avoid enemy hitboxes. Once you get good at dodging, predicting attacks, and delivering on your attacks you can take on multiple people. Take out the weak ones first.Usually there is one powerful player amongst not as powerful. If you can seperate or just dive in and start knocking off some of their teams XP you can slowly whittle them down. A lot of times teams stick to a couple areas. A lot of classes are better against others in specific positions
Example: Champion can attack from below and be safe.

Use their team against them
There are advantages to a team but there are some weaknesses to exploit as well.
For example there is no safety against “team” attacks so you can essentially use their teammates to protect yourself. Teams react slower than a single player. A lot of times they need to talk and can’t regroup when separated.

10. Know who you’re dealing with.

If you know who it is, then you can adjust to their playstyle.

11. Use your minimap.

The minimap contains the location of the current king (king is whoever has the highest level), and shows where you are, and the entirety of the map too.

12. Utilize Crimson Caves.

Go to the crimson caves and kill the mobs there to level up quickly.



Stealth mode is something you can enable by pressing right click or pressing “i” (you can change keybinds, I highly recommend doing so as “i” is highly inconvenient)
Stealth can be used to go in bushes, as it hides your weapon and name (if you are damaged then your health bar will show up) it’s also commonly used with the upgrade Ninja Mode, which increases speed while stealthed. Another thing to be noted is that you can’t attack while stealthed. One alternative use of stealth mode is to hide your weapon cooldown, on some weapons like paladin and holy hammer, the cooldown is visible, if players see that they can know when you can attack they will know when to juke.
so most pro players will stealth immediately after hitting depending on the situation.

14. Pick up red/pink/purple flowers to heal, these give you a small amount of health back and are pretty common around the map

You can also get the Regen upgrade if you want to heal faster.


If you want to summon bosses, then you’ll need an account, you also need to be on the mission of the boss, or have already completed it to summon it.

Boss 1: Goblin Warlock

the mission for goblin warlock is mission 11.
In order to summon it you must kill all 3 goblins.

they are found in the sand biome on the far left of the map.
now, here are some tips to kill it.
Always summon it in a good arena, if you don’t you can get trapped and the attacks he fires will easily kill you.

Use a high damage ranged weapon like Pulse Gun (Magician > Charge Blaster > Star Blaster > Pulse Gun), crossbow (Archer > Marksman, Crossbow) or alchemist (Magician > Charge blaster > Alchemist)
Its flight pattern is very hard to get good hits in, because it flies from left to right very fast, so time your attack!

Boss 2: Erthium eye.

This boss is very difficult, it is summoned in the Star Biome (erthium biome), on far bottom right side of the map, in order to summon it you must kill the summoning enemy.
It has a hard attack pattern, and you must be on mission 19 to summon it.
Attack 1: Upon being summoned, it will stand still for a moment, then circle you while shooting pink erthium balls at you.
Attack 2: It will charge at you, while shooting out a circle of pink erthium balls.
Attack 3: It will stand still, while shooting a spear made out of erthium balls at you.
Attack 4: It will stand still while shooting erthium balls at you.
Tips: after summoning it you should immediately run to a better arena like the Sand biome, or grasslands biome.
Here are some cool weapons to use: Sniper, Alchemist, Shotgun, Boomstick, Mirror (Swordsman > Shield > Mirror)
It gives a lot of xp upon being killed.

Boss 3: Mechanical Terror.

This boss is a very difficult one, it is summoned in the lab, which is on the far bottom right side of the map, in order to summon it, you must be on mission 22, and kill the summoning enemy.

Kill that thing ^ to summon it.
It has a dedicated arena, and once you summon it, you can’t leave the arena.
So, unless you know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t summon it, this is the attack pattern:
(Upon being summoned it can do multiple things)
Attack 1: stand in center and shoot balls clockwise
Attack 2: Leave center while moving around the arena clockwise, it shoots ball at the player while doing this.
Attack 3. Circles will appear around the arena, after a couple of seconds, these circles turn into attacks that deal massive damage.
Attack 4. After a certain amount of time, smaller balls will start to appear from all sides of the arena, making the other attacks harder to dodge.
All of the attacks do a lot of damage, and most aren’t easy to dodge.

almost died trying to get this screenshot btw ^
To kill it easily here’s some good weapons: Shotgun, it has a medium cooldown rate, does a lot of damage when bullets are fired close to the enemy. (Archer > Gunner > Shotgun)
Boomstick, It’s like Shotgun but crazier. (Archer > Gunner > Shotgun > Boomstick)
Sniper, it’s a single shot gun with good damage and can go through walls with a long range.
Alchemist, it’s a potion weapon that can switch between healing you and killing something.
All of these weapons go through walls decently, which you want.

Some tips:
Don’t try and get damage in on attack 2
Be careful of attack 3, a circle does 40 damage and it spawns a lot.
Don’t get nervous on low health, the attacks are easy if you watch out for them.

Quest mobs:


gnomes are small enemies that wield swordsman.
they are found in the forest/jungle biome.

They aren’t all that kill and they’re needed for a quest.

Ancient Statues:

this enemy feels like a boss, but it isn’t.


It’s summoned by hitting the enemy when you’re on mission 15.
It has an aura around it that projectiles cant go through, so you have to be close to him to hit him with a projectile weapon.
It will occasionally throw out 3 stone balls, when in range, it will hit you with a hammer, it occasionally teleports to you.


if you go to the Castaway NPC and say help or advice, you can get tips.

it will also work with terms like Gnome

Mechanical Terror

and other things like goblin and erthium eye.


Yes, the game has mobile support (and will be getting its own app soon)
but the controls right now are clunky and I don’t play on mobile, so I cant really give tips for it. Sorry.


alts knowledge isn’t that common but little old me will explain
making an “alt” is creating a new tab, and joining while you still have your first character in, this doesn’t disconnect or anything, but there’s a limit to 5 alts per ip (pretty sure thats it)
Alts are commonly used to: Kill yourself on the alt, then choose a different class,
Farm a ton of mobs, then let the main player kill the alt for xp, they’re not used a ton and can be dangerous if someone kills you while not looking.


Farming is a tactic that was even used in too, it can be used many different ways but i’ll explain.
The most original and common tactic of farming was to go Archer > Gunner > Sniper, and set yourself in a spot on the map where you can repeatedly shoot at mobs while being safe yourself, Sniper and gunner are the most common because sniper can go through walls, there aren’t a lot of main farming spots on the current realmz map, but some do appear.
2nd version of farming is going to the Crimson caves, getting any weapon, and killing the mobs there a ton, they give a lot of xp.


occasionally, someone thats not you, will try and impersonate you (this rarely happens anymore)
they will use your name, but there’s a prevention, if someone fakes you, then you can use the same name as your account (if its the one you’re known as), if it is the same name as your account, a checkmark next to your name will appear proving you’re real.

CLASS TREE class tree - Google Slides
Made by TryAgain/Gatewaa01, this is a class tree for every weapon in realmz (it’s a little outdated though)



  • this is a starting class at level 0,
  • it does 15 damage
  • has a small hitbox for attacks, and low cooldown.


  • Use dash a lot,
  • try and circle enemy,
  • when running away in a straight line,
  • turn around quickly to hit, then go back, r
  • ight after hitting someone go to stealth mode to get ninja mode bonus, and hide the cooldown.


  • the hitbox is small
  • they have to get very close to hit you,
  • just stay away and you’ll be in good shape,
  • use a weapon with more range and use angles.


  • this is a starting class at level 0
  • it does 10 damage,
  • and shoots out an arrow that is affected by gravity and arching.


  • can either be used as a class where you run into a high level player and keep attacking and dying until they get low enough to kill, or a high level class where you aggro and hide.


  • there’s not that many counters except for Shield class.


  • Same as archer but there’s no gravity or arching.


  • this is a level 15 class that evolves from swordsman,
  • it does 26 damage and
  • it’s hard to use if you’re not pro,
  • you should try and find the most efficient path to hit someone,
  • aggro and prediction as well as dashing properly is a must
  • you will also need to ceiling hit
  • which is hitting someone above you, since this hits overhead,
  • it can hit through a 1 block thick ceiling above it.
  • Also if someone is chasing you then just backdash and hit. (it’s a hammer)


  • this is a level 15 class that evolves from swordsman
  • does 10 damage and is a long pokey stick
  • it has low cooldown and is a W class if you know how to use the knockback.


  • Use the small cooldown and range to knockback someone,
  • it can reach through 1 block to hit someone and is best used with prediction and when moving in an X pattern while whooping your enemy.


  • its absolute trash if you hit from below or above.


  • To be added




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