Tips and Tricks! TGFB

@Hamm , here is a list of some easy tips and tricks for

  1. Don’t get stuck in corners. - A player, especially larger ones can easily trap and kill you in a corner. If you have tank, especially keep away, because you are more than likely slower then them which makes it extremely hard to escape.
  2. Choose the right evolution. - I know it sounds dumb, but your evolution is really important. If you want to grind some xp really quickly, I would use the knight evolution. If you want to fight the whole server :smiling_imp: , then I would recommend using tank or warrior. (And I personally never use rook)
  3. Resize the window. - This is a really useful trick that lets you see more of the map. If you resize your browser window to about half the width, then you will be able to see more area around you, and it also helps with aiming sword throws. Beware, it can make the game laggier because you have to load more stuff.
  4. Use lag to your advantage. - We all know how the game can sometimes lag. Everyone has experienced it, but it is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, with the right amount of lag, it just might be helpful. When you are lagging, and I mean fps lag, not ping lag, then you can usually swing your sword earlier and hit people from farther away.
  5. Practice. - Yes, this is super cheesy, but it really does help just to try out tons of different strategies for pvp and find what works for you. Every top player and good pvper you’ve seen has had some amount of practice.
  6. Keep your cool. - This last tip is very important if you want to enjoy the game. While it can be fun to get revenge on someone, you don’t want to get too mad at them. Being angry can sometimes make you do worse. And NEVER say mean things about other people. If you ask, most people will team with you. Getting angry doesn’t help you get better at the game.

These are some of my tips and tricks for, and my submission for TGFB!




tank goodness your on my team XD

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I built a strong team

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Nice tip’s

  3. Meh i dont need it to murder
  4. yeah no when i lag im fine for 1 sec then i lag again
  5. i never practice i just play
  6. when i get angry, i sweat when i keep my cool, i sweat…
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@Acol I remember you showed me this


well deserved :laughing: I couldn’t even read a word because of how many there was

any playing you do is practice :smirk: :sunglasses:


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