Tips to be good at

Hello, I’ve seen a lot of people asking on how to be a good swordbattle player. Now these aren’t the “best” ways, but these are some tips that I like. Enjoy!

  • Don’t rush big players - I’ve seen lots of new players do this, it’s really not a good idea, and will only help the giants.
  • Go for chests first - chests are golden boxes that drop coins when broken. Right when you spawn, it’s a good idea to find one, because it can get you decent-sized fast.
  • Know when to run from fights - Don’t engage in fights if you know you’re going to lose. Personally, I run away when I am red. If you run away when your health is too low, it’s going to take very long to heal.
  • Use trees/bushes carefully - Trees/bushes are great ways to hide from your enemies, but be careful because enemies can still spot you in the minimap, and sometimes your nametag sticks out even when you don’t see it on your screen.
  • Don’t camp at middle - staying at middle is a very bad idea, because that’s where new players spawn. People can respawn as much as they want, and they can easily end you.
  • Team! - Try to be nice to people, by chatting with them (press enter). Maybe you can make a new friend. Teaming is always a great way to grow huge, and teaming is completely allowed! UPDATE 2024: TEAMING IS NOW BANNABLE, DONT TEAM!
  • Time your hits, they are critical if you don’t.

Those are all of my tips to become a pro player… Do you agree or disagree? Do you have any other tips? Make isure to reply below!

Happy stabbing :crossed_swords: and have a great day! :wave:


I do the same thing.


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I liked it also i knew all these tips cuz im one of the oldest players of the game.I also played your scratch version.

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Not sure I agree completely.
My strategy once I log in is to look for mid tier people, around 500-2k coins and combo them into oblivion, but I might get a chest first to get a bit bigger.
If I die, no biggie, it’s pretty easy to get to this point. Once I get to 1k I go around killing other 1-3ks and hopefully I get to 10k and then I start hunting the big ones

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I’m M&M btw
This start might change with the update

Hm thats a good strategy too if you’re good at pvp and movement, my tutorial is more for the newer players.

i mean i only rush them is they are low in hp :)

yeah, but if you manage to get inside them you can do a lot of damage very quickly

were u just in my game ?
if it was u the name tag was red

yup- lol

i am codergautam in game

sorry i killed u …
i was on a mad ki ll rush

no problem, also sorry about the bad words censor, it’s a bit buggy

oh ima like

wow nice

thats a good thing thou

no like it blocks words like bigger and kill (bi gger and k ill). one of our team is working on fixing that

yea , well im not the best at coding , im on my gcse year and well all my friends are there like making websites and that , idk

Ah, don’t give up man, I’m selftaught and just keep coding one day you’ll get there I promise. Anyways I gtg now see ya, have a great day

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