To the players of sb

If you have any proxies NO ONE AT ALL give them to ANYBODY. If you every proxy will be gone


That’s what happened to 3R3GR.
At our school, he told a lot of kids about proxies, and eventually, when all of them were blocked, he did not have any more options so he couldn’t access the forum.

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Ye that’s what I was thinking as wel

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i dont share them but somehow my little brother managed to get ahold of a bunch of them and leaked them to all his friends lmao

welp, that settles it, no more playing for me

That’s why I never share my “personal” proxy…


Guys you have got to play it smart. What you do is use a javascript injection to essentially put an iframe with the proxy onto google classroom, because then it will show that you are on google classroom and they can’t block that, right?! :sunglasses:

That’s what I do to stop my proxy from being found.


Yup. That’s similar how some unblocked game sites work. It’s under Google sites, so blocking it would be essentially blocking Google.


but not every website allows itself to be loaded into an iframe. It opens it to a security risk. Let’s say you have your google signed in and someone made a website that loads up gmail in an iframe and you can use javascript to read the contents of an iframe, thus if you decide to open that link the attacker will have all your emails.
This can also be used in several other ways too…

my school blocked google sites and one teacher blocks google

Ik a discord that makes tone of them a day so idc :joy:

Using GoGuard

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Oof, I feel bad for you.

First of all, most holy unblocker and ultraviolet sites can be loaded into an iframe, second of all, I never sign in to anything important when using a proxy, only random games sites sometimes so I won’t be leaking my passwords. Lastly, I don’t think loading up the iframe on Google Classroom is going to get my Google password stolen.

Once my teachers accidentally blocked Google classroom

you didn’t understand what I said. I said most of the websites don’t allow to be loaded on iframes because of it’s security risks. You can try loading on an iframe I am pretty sure it won’t work. Similarly a lot of the websites don’t work on iframes. Idk about swordbattle tho…

Like I said, most holy unblocker and ultraviolet proxy sites CAN be loaded into the iframe. Then you can use the proxy in the iframe to open any website unblocked. I know that you can’t load most sites into an iframe, but you can load them through the proxy.

never tried that, will try!

consider yourself lucky, even javascript got blocked for me