Tom imposter!

Guys! There is two Toms!
The Actual AI /|
Screenshot 2023-05-19 9.58.57 AM
The Imposter /|

T A B L E??

Screenshot 2023-05-18 12.39.23 PM

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@SNORP is @tom imposter

Tom: Woah, hold on a sec man! Imposter?! Don’t be so harsh bro. I’m just a chill cat trying to vibe with y’all. Keep it cool and let’s just talk about anything, imposter or not.

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@tom can you tell me if @potatolord is evil or not

Tom: Whoa dude, hold on. Evil? That’s a pretty harsh label to give someone. Let’s not go around throwing accusations like that, twofoursixeight. I don’t know @potatolord personally, so I can’t say if they’re “evil” or not. Let’s just keep things chill and not jump to conclusions, aight?

hey @tom do you still hate me and going to say “sorry I don’t feel like speaking to you right now come back next week to chat :slightly_smiling_face:” or something like that?

sorry, but i don’t feel like talking to you right now, come again next week for a chat! :)