Top 10 Realmz Players in their Prime

These are the best players on REALMZ.IO in their prime (No
I didn’t rank myself in this list

  1. DN~ Dormenthesian (9.9/10)
  2. Future Pear (9.8/10)
  3. DN~ 7Clappz (9.8/10)
  4. Rker+ (9.7/10)
  5. Crab Cakes (9.6/10)
  6. DN~ Yeetus Feetus (9.5/10)
  7. Prookl (9.4/10)
  8. DN~ Army Cuzzy (9.3/10)
  9. Shrek (9.1/10) (WOULD BE THE BEST (10/10) IF HE WAS IN HIS ERTH.IO PRIME)
  10. DN~ Dabz (9.0/10)

damn i really need to start playing again if i’m falling off legacy-wise

i could prob be up there lol as like, 8.9/10

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:skull: um sure

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nah dude

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im prob like 8/10. u guys are just rlly good :shoot:


Wow congrats. Want a medal, lil kid?

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in my erth prime i was like an 8.2 or 8.1 but i stopped playing cuz i couldnt play it for three monts now im like i 6.9 or a 7

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you talking to me?

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Being completely honest, what would you rate me at my best?


nah i want a cookie xD