can you add a place like where we can battle bots for practice. (No gold gained ofc)

can you also add a place where we can practice shooting moving targets with throw swords. (no cooldown ofc)

can you add a place where you can fight against friends for certain amount of money that they agree to give you?(Basically wagering on wholl win)


Last idea is perfect cause I can scam new people since they won’t know that am level god mehheehehehheehhehehehe​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Use man/ang acc plz
also imma bet that I lose then lose on purpose lol. Free MONEY

Wait is that like a shared account between you 2?

How did you guys even tell each other the passwords

Yes it is shared acc. She made it and said we wud make it first on leaderboard but she stopped playing
on it after she got the ANGEL skin :|||||. I stopped my manage acc so I cud work on it and don’t go on it anymore. I think imma go back to main acc when bread gets 25m xp but for now I’m working on the joint. so far I got it skin and 20% to scythe. AGAIN

We told each other pass mid game. I also know her pass and she knows mine.

Am going to work on it rn

Ah ok

Anyone wanna join a a game with me???

which world


just go to eu server for free bots to kill


This may be added in the future, but not really a huge priority because it might involve changing a lot of the current code.

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