Traveler Skin updated

Since I used up all my posts, I am re-posting the updated skin here. Hope you enjoy it! And I fixed the issue @ManagePasswords and I just added the sword @ManagePasswords
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Nice wheres the sword

i think its the coffee cup

He just edited the post.
@3RG3R is any part of this from google?

Sword is from

That won’t work it’s personal use only.

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That really looks different, plus it says ‘more free…’
lol, didn’t notice that was 6 months ago WOW!!!
Why did the system bump this?
Well, wait another 6 months lol

The skin is a bit bland, maybe if you made the suitcase bigger it would be better.
Sword is great though

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It would make more sense for the suitcase to be the sword

Aw I remember him showing me the skin idea in pms ): we both had zero clue for the sword though


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