tricking a toxic roacher... (funny)

so i was trying to chill on sb when i a bunch of roachers rushed and killed me…i tried again and again but there were literally so many and i was on lumberjack evolution…

eventually i couldn’t take it anymore.

so in turn i decided to have some fun with them and teach them a lesson (loll)…

so after i died, i decided to try to pretend to have nonexistant, and i mean nonexistant, aim…and obviously one of them started beating me and combo-locking me ofc…until i went down to almost no health. then i started tryharding when i was one hit from dying…

queue sweaty music

so then i really started aiming and styling with 360s, flicks, the lot of it. and uh…they literally just left the game mid-combo.

this was really funny, especially on a toxic roacher spamming “ez” on every kill.

ggs, but please dont roach…or be toxic… :]


I just say “umadbro?” after they try roaching me multiple times, it isn’t as funny but it makes them so self-aware about why they’re roaching. I’ve stopped a lot of them just becuz of it

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btw your spin and hit combo isnt very strong anymore now its just about timing your hits, just feedback :+1:

I Could Train You :smiley:

yeah, it actually never gave any real advantage, its just to show off your aim and skill

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