Tricks for The Best Game Ever according to a noob (TGFB)

Hi, I suck at swordbattle.Io and I’m here to tell you what I have learned.

So when you first spawn in, don’t go after the big players. That’s lazy and a bad move, they’ll kill you even if you’re small. (ONLY SQUARE UP WITH PLAYERS IF YOU ARE NEAR THEIR SIZE!! This does not apply if you are a pvp god) Instead, go after chests. Try and get the brown chests first. They get one shot. After you are big enough, you can go after the green chests, then the red chests, etc, (word of advice, if you are still tiny, don’t waste your time going after gold or purple chests if they are at full health) then start attacking people.

Once you get enough coins, you can evolve. I suggest taking the Tank route, but whatever you like best. Keep getting bigger and choose your next evolution. If you choose tank, I suggest choosing warrior, but if you choose berserker, I suggest you choose Knight. But, of course, what you choose depends on who you are as a player. Warrior is my personal favorite so that you can corner your opponents and use your ability to kill them. (Funny story, I was doing this tactic, before I killed the guy, he said, “Come on man”)

Anyways, go get some coins, climb that leader board, and have some fun playing the best game of all time.

@Hamm, I’m done. Rate how I did.


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bouta say me pvp god and kill number 1 at 2k lol

Not bad, thanks

None of these are very good If you were experienced you would know to go in between colors and go for a blue chest then press any chest you see. After you want to attack people who don’t have a blue name

Like I said, explained by a noob