trying on mobile...

soo, i recently had a thought: i’ve played on my computer ever since i started. but what would look like if i tried it on mobile?

so i hopped on my phone to try. and to be honest, i have never been so humbled. it was really hard to even move around, and i had no clue which controls were which. (@wasd, howw???!)

eventually i started to get the hang of it, but strafing was such a pain and i could barely do it- often my timing was off.

and don’t even get me started on the sword throws, they are really hard to throw because someone could hit you before the sword throw registers.

all in all, i much prefer sb on the computer. but what about you all? computer or mobile?

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skill issue just get better

:roll_eyes: bruh ive never gone on mobile in my life…

nuh uh you just said you played on mobile

yeah, i did, for the first time in my life lmao.

Mobile is the only platform I used.

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damn- respect


yeah, i heard about you using mobile, not slap though