Um another 1 mil

Time for useless topics with zarooma!

So I got 1 mil and some funny things when I started the grind

All bots on USA!
Anyway the lovely 1mil but I had to stop cause I was falling asleep lol kinda was sense 600k


oh well looks liek its back to getting 1.5 mill a day

/: bruh I was pretty much inactive for a week that was my first game in forever can you just get 500k also only 1,400,000 till I get assassin skin (:

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idc i dont plan on beating u >:)

Uhhh what do you want then?

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u just did


ever ohhhhhhhhh :O :O :O

bro just got rekt

bruh im not tryna battle with u but i know one thing for sure ur “NeverWin”, ur never gonna win, so no point in battle. Oops :wink:

my name is true tho, i can clap u in a 1v1 in sb

What the heck happened to this topic


what? i didnt get it

Pvp and csgo gotta shutup before i ban for a week


fr bro wanted to rekt zarooma and i rekt him, now he mad and want to rekt me

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And I didn’t care go somewhere else if you got nothing to say

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Fr bro dead to argument /:

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Then don’t go saying things just to start a argument that is how you get baned causing a ruckus


nice 1m

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Thanks nice to see that your on