Universal Skin

Me and my GF made a universe themed skin. This skin was made by my Gf and some AI. I hope you like it. P.S. How do I get this skin into the game or into my account?

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The image didn’t finish processing

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How does it finish?

Shouldn’t images upload immediately? Try again?

Fixed it. I dink

I think there was this whole discussion a while ago about how skins shouldn’t be made using AI. I don’t think this would make it into the game.

See what you guys can make without AI and just try your best.

oh ok


Also some notes for posting skins in the future.

  • Make sure the images have no background (use remove.bg)
  • Make the image sizes for the skin 300x300 and the sword 260x280
  • Make sure the sword is angled at 45 degrees (pointing to the top right)
  • Try to make your skin match the artstyle of the game. Skins that look too realistic likely will not make it into the game.

wht website do u use?

Don’t AI generate skins whatsoever

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People here have used Procreate, Vectr.

I’ve always used Google Drawings, which can be annoying to use so I wouldn’t recommend it.

in vector, how do u draw?

You use images only I’m pretty sure

ai… im coming for oyu


For mobile you can use Ibis Paint X, you can automatically remove the background of skins there

It’s over for them :skull:


Personally I prefer Adobe fresco because of the UI

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