Unofficial (for now) SB lore 5: the discovery of "skins"

you can view the first lore here and the fourth here

Do you ever wonder how the skin shop came to be? no? too bad!

It was a normal day on the swordbattle islands, Dr. Cosmic trying to make another Evo, people battling, and chests being opened. one day, Dr. Gautam made a discovery with the regeneration button. when someone that did something important died, they left behind a gold residue. Dr. Gautam tested this by getting Dr. Mitt to kill and revive him. after putting the residue in a jar, he put it in a lab and tested with it. nothing was happening, Gautam was starting to lose hope, then, the gold residue tried to go back into Dr. Gautam. He decided to let it happen. He thought that nothing happened, but Dr. Mitt noticed a hat on Gautam’s head. This was a skin. Gautam later learned how to duplicate it and sell it. This led to the skin shop, which was made because of the theory that the gold comes from the plain, therefore meaning anything could be turned into a skin, if the gold works with it good enough

this one took a while, tell me what you think! toodles!


This is awesome!


Thanks! that means a lot! [I’m out of likes noooooo]


Wait… So that means I’m an important person in the SB universe canonically because I have multiple skins in the skin shop! :D


they technically aren’t you but yes

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There is a hall of fame literally being madee…

Make it tht instead it takes important forces of nature anf make them into skins and occasionally a skilled player

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Before I edit, Dr. Gautam is not CoderGautam.
Therefore, the hall of fame is different in both universes. Ok, it’s edited now, it is still a force of nature, it’s just not human

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Can you come re-review it? I don’t want a dislike :[

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