(Unofficial) Skin Creation Contest!

Welcome to the (Unofficial) Swordbattle.io Skin Creation Contest!

The theme is… ARTISTIC!

  • Show off your artistic talent in this creation contest!
  • Your skin will have to be submitted by Nov. 13.
  • You can submit them into the comments below.
  • All submissions have to be new.
  • It will actually get judged. (Unlike Mitbald’s contest)


  • :exclamation:ALL SUBMISSIONS HAVE TO BE IN THE CORRECT FORM!!!:exclamation:

  • - All skins must be 300x300 for skin, 280x260 for sword, both transparent!
  • :exclamation:No Copywrited images! (Don’t use anything from google):exclamation:

:white_check_mark: The prize is nothing, lol. This is just a fun competition to test your skin creation skills.

:trident: Skins will be judged by me. I will judge skins based off of Creativity and Quality. There will also be a separate judging based upon the amount of likes a skin gets. So make sure you vote!
(Please try your best not to submit garbage.)

:tada: Thank you for reading, I can’t wait to see your submissions! :partying_face:


can we submit a skin we already posted before but are not in the game?

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No, all submission have to be new.


if not it is fine

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okay! (7 char limit)

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New Project (5)

Could you please use only 1 sword? It’s confusing on what I have to judge.

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you can pick
either one

credit to darealenderjack for one of the swords the design was gifted

Considering that the 1st sword is from someone else, it cannot be used.
Also skins copywrited ;/

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here is the skin, still making the sword, btw i was working on this all day



NOOOOO whyyyy

i already knew this but you said you were judgeing not adding them so JUDGE NOW

Wow, great job. I can’t wait to see when it’s done!


#1. I’m not adding them. #2. I can’t judge now.
(You should try making an actual skin for the contest instead of reposting other peoples stuff. or just using an copywrited image, you have till Sunday to submit!)

HEY that is my skin and i spent time on it and that sword was litterly made for that skin he said i could have it.

He never used the sword skin in a post i dont think

you have to make a new skin for the contest (not an old one) ((unless you haven’t posted it or you were in the middle of making it))

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find the post

does this look good for a skin?


it is puny compared to me

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? idk what you mean…

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