Update idea

Well this is a place for new ideas for the new update you can post anything in it but I personally think that we should add in a skill tree and every time we lvl up or we have enough coins we can get a new advantage like health or maybe damage also if you want we can also add in skill on specific upgrade like if you have lvl10 health u get a health abilities that will health you 10 hp so yea I also think that we should add in monster that we can use that it can drop random gems that we can put in our slots as buffs or power ups (either passive/active) and yea this is my update ideas also each class is different also I was thinking about this new class character The ninja witch has a invisible power that you can use but when he gets hit he has to wilt an extra 3 sec before he can use it again also he has really low health so that’s a problem also it can be the first class to be bought so yea comment down your ideas too down below maybe the creator might use it also put down some drawing ideas so that we can have an idea about your update.


Interesting ideas!





most people prob want ninja

Very true and I also agree to it too

chatgpt generated update :skull_and_crossbones:

I don’t think it was public

chat gpt was released in november 2022 :skull:

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