Upgraded General (no such thing as "off topic")

This is a topic for EVERYTHING so there’s no such thing as “off topic” (no need to thank me)

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You can talk about anything to everything :>

I’m making a skin, and I need a weapon. Any weapon.

Literally anything works.

you should ask harsh hes very good at it

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Thank you!

no problem (just remember to give him credit)

just got a 255k round
Screenshot 2022-11-21 4.45.09 PM

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and just hit 5 million XP
Screenshot 2022-11-21 4.46.36 PM



thats pretty hard even for me

your going to beat me soon xD

It’s my 2nd highest round right after a 275k

my highest was 800k

Wowza. I haven’t even gotten close to 275k.

I also just dropped under #200 all time

after you get 200k all you need to do is keep everybody small and you can grind


teaming makes it easier to get bigger


Last time I got over 200k, everyone was in one single team. It was actually a pretty wholesome game. After I said I had to leave, everyone said GG. It was nice.


you become max at 200K and its hard to get that big

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