Users playing sb *after* v2... (part TWO)

so a while ago i made a post where i said i would count how many people play before and after v2…

the number i got before v2 was 57,500 thousand people, almost 60,000, which is quite good.

so now comes part two of the two-part post compilation…the post-v2 player count. in order to check this, again, i’ll just ckeck the amount of buys the default skin has…

and wow, i’m suprised. i was actually expecting some to quit (a couple thousand, actually), because of the drastic difference of v1 to v2…but i guess not.

one thing i can’t check, unfortunately, is the precise amount of buys because of the more vague approach v2 has rather than v1’s precise approach.

my theory, though, is in a couple months we will reach 65,000. what do you guys thinK?

yeah I really want it to be precise again but I think that might just be some performance saving thing for the game

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i agree

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