so i noticed @gautam made a post about his new standing desk:

but i think this post is more than just him showing his new desk. because if you look at that monitor… then you see not just swordbattle.io, but v2 of swordbattle.io. now, i know that @F1NN made an in-depth post about this, analyzing @gautam’s v2 leak, shown below:

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 4.23.50 PM

but… i can’t help but notice he is missing some things in his analysis.

first, take a look at a picture of his monitor zoomed in:

there are a lot of things in this picture, but i will try to divide everything up into sections.


On the bottom-right corner of his monitor we see the map. There are three biomes: a fire biome (gautam is in the fire biome), snowy biome, and a grassy biome, as well as the safe zone in the center of the map - the three intersecting parts of a river lead into the safe zone from the outside of the map.

We see that on the fire biome, there seems to be a orange-red sort of object in the center of the fire biome (the monitor is too blurred to make out anything more).

On the grassy biome as well, there is an object shown in the center of the biome - a lake or pond, by the looks of it.

There may also be one for the snowy biome, but the background is too bright white to be able to make out an object.

As for the map itself, it seems to be a similar size and/or border to the current one in swordbattle.io pre-v2.

Level/progress bar

On the bottom-center of gautam’s monitor we see the level/progress bar. It looks pretty much the same as its current pre-v2 counterpart.


This statistics section is on the bottom-left of gautam’s screen. This is a completely new part added to the swordbattle gameplay screen.

if you look closely, you can see that there are four parts to the statistics: players, FPS, TPS, and ping. I am not entirely sure what TPS is, though. And looking at gautam’s ping and FPS, i notice a considerable decrease in lag.


The leaderboard looks pretty much the same as it does in swordbattle.io pre-v2. However, I notice that all bots have “Bot” after their name, presumably to let players know they are bots.


Now, this is also new. Located on the upper-left of gautam’s monitor, we can see that that section is all about upgrades. The text on the top reads “Upgrade points: _”. Presumably, people can earn these upgrade points by completing a task or doing something. Now imma kill my eyes by trying to read at least some of the text below… alright, i see “speed” below the “Upgrade points:”, but it’s hard to make out the rest. There are, in total (including speed), 5 upgrade options to spend upgrade points on.


In the background of gautam’s monitor, we see the fire biome in detail. looks pretty good, in my opinion! We can also see there are less coins then in pre-v2 swordbattle.io. I can’t tell if chests are less/more common or if gautam is just not showing any.


I hope this was helpful/informative, it was for me! :)


F1NN already made a topic on this, but it’s nice to have two in-depth analyses :)


@Shadowblade ^^^

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Ah that’s my bad, didn’t read the beginning all the way through :sweat_smile:

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Pretty dure @gautam will make more coins spawn before releasing


The bot names look weird, does anyone know what they are based off of, or is it just something just for this frame?

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my guys attention to detail tho

my guy prolly found every easter egg in taylor swift songs

Btw TPS (Ticks Per Second) is essentially frames per second but for the server, so if the server is running slowly you will get low TPS and consequently your game will update slower. However, FPS, TPS, and ping are all independent, while TPS may affect ping, there are really no other connections so don’t get them too confused.

And the statistics aren't new, they are just in a different spot.



So what is a ‘good’ tps? And can we not affect it?

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so basically the lower the tps the more laggy the server is

i think a good tps is 20 or so

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