As we all know, the vampire is horrible.
Low health, average attack, and it’s ability is almost useless.
Soooo, what about this for it’s ability?

Health/ +10% for the duration of the ability
Attack/ +10% for the duration of the ability, plus a poison effect that lasts for about 10 seconds, preventing the afflicted from gaining health?
Speed/ whatever it is now.

  • Yes, it needs to change!
  • No, it’s fine how it is.
  • Switch Vampire to Samurai!
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I think the leech should be uped


it’s one of the fastest

But knight is still faster

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Make vampire have more health and some more damage
Nerf knight abil time,its too long OR increase cooldown
Make warrior abit smaller

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vampire has little health balance it with life steal


Size/ -50%
Sword attack speed/ Roacher speed
Poison/10 seconds

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It has passive life steal alredy maybe up that to?

ya thats what were saying

This seams to refer to the ability life steal wich is stronger

Welcom to this community

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My Opinion:

  1. Up the attack speed when vamp uses ability
  2. The vamp does way too less damage
  3. Yes it has too less health but if they up the lifesteal it is fine

My Opinion for Rook:

  1. Make it quicker like its so trash half bc its speed
  2. I think its ability makes it normal speed bc compared to warrior, it should be.
  3. Rook is again, WAY TOO SLOW change it to tank speed



Bro I want
To see the samurai again what happened to it

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It will return

ngl rook op in my opinion, get em in a corner and there ded, I do agree its slow but its also double health, we cant make to op lul.

Like the idea of poisin, if we added a little poisin damage I think thats it.


You can’t faint as a rook your so slow!

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Healwait is duble too tho. Thts shudnt happen

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its too small xD