Venni the third lol

This is a death notice. Anyone who sees the player Venni the IIII, kill them. I am out fpr them myself and so is angel


NO kill manage he sucks

im joking (lol)

Okay (:<

What did he do?

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Hes just annoying. No questions


fr when i hop on bro just leaves and calls me a re**rd


Ok bounty on his head of 0coins let go get him

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I’m on it.

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i am to he is so bad and i want him gone

Whats in it for us? I can do it for a bounty

i already know angels hate him he betrayed her but i am teamed so imma stay out of this

he is a spown killer

u keep your life:)

My life will never be in danger. But iam the the danger : )

you call yourself dangerous? funny…

I know your not


ya hes mean ima spawn kill im

you get 0 coins isnt it worth it?