Hello realm hoppers, I need someone good at editing YT vids please reply in the comments if you have experience in editing, if so you can be given in-game things like coins or erthium for example


I have wevideo but it isnt very good though I can still try

O since your a dev u can just directly tell future lol

he did say he wants someone good at it that can like cut out the boring parts and stuff

i might be able to help a tad bit.

You have to be like actually good at editing though

I can help, I am good at editing

I have alot of experience and a premium editor

dm me with examples

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DM me with examples

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Yeah I’m kind of a pro (I only know how to trim videos with my default phone editor)

Dm me with examples

i can

Dm me with examples

what sort of examples do you what?

like anything whatever examples of videos you have

I haven’t made any…

I need someone good at it not someone completely new