Vinyl Skin 📀

Vinyl Skin!
Price: 385k
Desc: Turn the tables
Untitled (14)
Untitled (13)


Soo cool! How do you get ur ideas!?

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i googled circular shaped things lol

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that’s way too expensive, the skin is really simple


Hah, that’s what I said for my skelly skin, Now it’s in the game for a decent amount

Wdym decent???

This is very cheap, stop suggest skins cheaper then 1m.

Lel as if i listen to prices anyway

I always add more than 100k now mostly

I mean, 1.9 mil is a decent amount, right? (I kinda forget how expensive it is…)

Its a good amount u ungrateful…

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We need more skins in the 10m+ selction we havent had a new one in so long

computer skin should be 10m+

I know it’s a good amount lol I just mean I USED to think that 1.9 mil would be too much, but I’m a little better now


computer skin should be more expensive then dragon

controversial opinion?

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Computer is like 625k

not even a mil? bruh

Hmmm maybe ill change