Visual Error After Dying

I was grinding the other day and I had my alt account on, but my alt died, then I noticed something weird. I had over 5k and I picked the berserker evolution, so I had the berserker skin on. But from my other account, I had not left the death message screen, so I could still see the game, and I saw myself go by. What was strange though was that on my main account, I could see the berserker skin, but from my alt in the death screen I saw my regular skin. I doubt this problem is urgent, but it is a bug I’m pretty sure. Here are some screenshots. One from my main and one from my alt.
Screenshot from main:

Screenshot from alt


Oh i know that bug i’ve have seen it but was not so concerned about it

I’m not either, but I just though I would let gautam know.

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Thanks for reporting this, I will check and let you know

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I think this is now fixed, please check and let me know

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It still seems to be not working.

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Hmmm, let me try smth else, sorry about that

Weird to me

are you tryna say when you die you cant see evolution skins

i srsly dont understand

you shouldn’t its a glitch :rofl:

but whats happening


Why did you close this @Fish

Also @bread can you check if the issue has been fixed

Thinking it was fixed because I never had the problem. And it was inactive. But if I die I see berserker. I had two devices playing, I killed my alt and it saw the berserker.

No you have to die, then evolve.

yes, I can confirm that it is fixed