Vortex Skin Remake

not too bad, eh?


make the sword into a lighting strike

@SliceAnd_DiceTheReal I like it!

Looks good but lightning could be improved

in what ways?

Well i guess it could be more than just a line?

i’ll try a little something something in sketchpad and see how it comes out

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K gl

vortex remake 2: electric boogaloo (literally)
55df29f2-9f5a-4ced-a6c5-f463afdac210.sketchpad (2)
(i personally think the warrior i made looks better anyway cough cough)


looks great

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Can you send me a link to your warrior?

I dont think I will change the vortex right now I think people who already bought will get mad if the skin changes sorry about that

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