Vortex skin: sword and skin

Name: Vortex
Price: idk
Description: it’ll suck you in!



good idea!
maybe a little bit more confined, not so many spikes?

Con fined?

I’ll do spikes tho

already is a vortex :/

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You make a name then idk

no i will not

idk one :confused:

Ok then

maybe saw or something? also good for a first attempt

skin could be improved and change the size of player and sword
set the player to 300x300 and sword 280x260

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I don’t know how to resize it

Can someone give a new name

Saw. call it saw or something

shuriken skin

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like it

Name: ocean star

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I like this one thank you!

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really cool skin. good job on effort and quality level

Where can i post my skin btw