Wait a second... Malayak...

Screenshot 2023-01-05 9.15.11 AM
this is when he invited me.

this is when I joined
Screenshot 2023-01-05 9.16.08 AM
It says I was invited by @malayak yet I joined before he did and before he invited me…

did you click a fourm invite link he had? around that time

no i have not clicked any invite links.

then maybe in the future you will… 0_0

he also invited coder lavilla and coloredhue

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bum bum bummmmmm IO Games Forum click that and see what happens


all invited by this person XD

and more

i know XD XD lol

ye alink to see all because it dosent fit in a image XD https://iogames.forum/u/malayak/invited/redeemed

what? i never got the invite i just thot i should see if the buttons work cuz discord is blocked for me

I know how! he just randomly invites people