Wat the hell are these ads

wat the hell are these ads

forum now scamming us


i aint downloading anything


I clicked one… for the memes…

so true bro i got an add for minecaft lol

Yeah for some reason google hates the forum now. But it’s also based on your history :skull::gun:


That’s true…. Which makes the flagged post above mine kinda of suspect.

I got an Ad about Skiing :slight_smile:

these are some of the ads i got today

and the 2ent one was on this page lol

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Ik, there are usually sus ads as well, and my ads are blocked, because my school has an ad blocker, so i cant see anything

ive gotten this ad 10 times in a row lol


my adds

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I don’t like cars btw

What happened to him

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