Watch out angel

Angel, you think your so safely secured at #1, by your puny 3.4m ahead of me. Well watch out I will pass you in a matter of time. Also @ANGEL @Number1 , ya’ll will never be trusted by me again, since last night.

drama yes

Hm light work

Im so scared :scream: :fearful: :tired_face: :sob: :cry:

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This a waste of forum data

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I never did trust you in the first place oyoy u lied to me so many times I lost count but otherwise like num said light work and also why are u even challenging us to a losing battle anyways? lmao


here let me grind for you!! lets surpass angel and number1 together!! give me your account details please!! joke


at this point im hoping acol comes back, cuz if he does hell take #1 spot again then no one will be able to catch up

didnt ask

oh yeah the only way OYOYOY is prob gonna grow is not through skill, it will be the original “make people grind for me”, where he will make u trust him then hell kill you when u not aware (49299 did the same that’s how he grew so fast)

didn’t ask
also i don’t think he will

:skull: that answer wasnt for you

he will most definitely do it, cuz he’s done it before when he was grinding to top 5, randomly killing the people he made trust him

Its easy for us but we got a life

oyoyoys plans are goin NOWHERE :speaking_head::speaking_head: :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :speaking_head::speaking_head: :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head: :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

great joke!!! :laughing: :laughing:

ahh yes classic joke back in the 90 i missed these old jokes when we were only 0- haha

man i dead :skull:

Who asked

Im mot gonna tell ppl to help me out to become #1 I am just gonna surpass by pure skill angel and number1. Never said iwas gonna hire anyone ( but i can if iwant yk) :slight_smile: