Wave 4 voting results + wave 5

The best overall is…

Hamm with 8.15/10

Detectivecefvy was second with 7.11/10

Potatolord was third with 4.91/10

The best at pvp is...

Hamm with 6.91/10

Detectivecefvy was second with 6.88/10
Potatolord was third with 4.5/10

the nicest is…

Hamm with 8.15/10

Detectivecevfy was second with 5.66/10
Potatolord was third with 3.91/10

The most helpful is…

Hamm with 7.61/10

detectivecevfy was second with 5.88/10
potatolord was third with 3.58/10


[Vote for zarooma here!](https://forms.gle/C8v8gHcqEfjnTHrWA)
[Vote for coloredhue here!](https://forms.gle/Fz9uNsPiNUkqb3as9)
[Vote for 3RG3R here!](https://forms.gle/4UCsUsKHhzUnmB837)

Who lost!!
I gotta know!


Potato lord

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So I can’t vote this round right

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Probably not

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I can’t vote for 3RG3R because the ColoredHue and The Other Form are the same link.

Sorry, I’ll change that when I get the chance

Feel free to! It’s not like one person will change that much

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You don’t have to apologize! When you make a lot of forms, they can get mixed up.

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There we go!

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when me???

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Whenever I feel like ir



No way!
me and zarooma in the same vote O_o

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someone doesnt know my true skill ;)

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Someone gave me all fives ): they abovisoly neaver fought me

But look at 3RG3R that’s sad there fun to

When will the results come in? And why do I only have 4 vote’s while everyone else has 5 ?

Monday. also wat

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Sry phone spelled checked me read again