Wayyyyyy to many player bug.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 12.31.03 PM

I know this has been covered before… But i’m suprised this hasn’t been fixed yet!

My TPS goes down to 6 :augh:

Just get rid of the safe zone imo it is useless

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become a skibidi sigma and you can fanum tax them in Ohio like a true alpha. :wolf: :smiling_imp:

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just players playing swordbattle

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Gautum or some1 has gotta fix this, You rlly js cant play with these bot hackers it sterible :augh:

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i was cycling
and someone stole
but I was too slow because of the bots

Ya makes sense this morning was terrible!

an anticheat?

wha dat?

Like if some1 uses a bot hack itll kick from game?? right away?

thats big brain
does sb have it?

Nah but it should fr

its a hacker

but an anti cheat i think its could would kick em everytime if its good


bro this happened multiple times, the second time I saw this happen, I just popped a bunch of damage upgrades and began to hit whoever I could, but they just kept coming, I got like almost 100 kills (80-90 something like that)

This was happening a ton yesterday :((

Usually if you ping him in the swordbattle discord he removes it within 30 minutes (at least every time I reported it they got removed within 30 minutes)

But they will js come back? no

I think they get ip banned? Idk if it’s the same person doing these raids but I think they have different Ips every time

Probably who knows