Weird new vampire skin


Prob ur best skin but we already have vampire evo



I’m not trying to be mean but, I don’t see any meaning in your skins they’re just blocks.

dang it

Your skins would be better if you drew them

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like on paper then take a pic of it

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I think sketch means like digital art

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sorry to ask but how do you do that I’ve never done that before

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No lol, like google canvas drawings

cool got it thanks ill start working

I honestly just want one of mine to be added to the game I don’t care which one tho

ok drawing on the google canvas is really hard for me so I don’t think ill be doing that

d oyou have a mobile or ipad?

You could use pixlr.

oh ok thanks and i have a Chromebook

…does your chrome book have a touchscreen, because I use chrome canvas to make my skins.

no it doesn’t i just use my mouse

it kinda sucks, not having a touch

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