What are the most popular IO Games?

I’ve heard of a lot of IO Games out there, but I want to know what are the absolute giant and popular IO Games played by millions of players worldwide.


Oh this question is easy. Agar.io is known as the first “.io” game ever made with over 100 million players on the play store still having a very big active fan base today even though made roughly 8 years ago still keeps a large player base and start of a new thinking base for people making games inside websites back than. so there projects are more accessible to the public.

Agars great work has inspired the start of early io games which made a huge world base of games that don’t need to be downloaded or any use of app just your browser and with a link and boom your playing a game that will bring you much fun everyday.

We all appreciate agar.io and how it made the wonderful player base today. without it we wouldn’t have the huge notable games today like hole.io, paper.io, ect. (also swordbattle wouldn’t be a thing without agar)

florr is quickly rising
bloxd isn’t that popular but its rising very quickly
shell shockers

Nebulous.io is still pretty big, it has an active community and plenty of players, and it’s exclusive to mobile

god I remember when I played nebulous in 2018 I wonder what the game is like now

yorg.io is fun, but not a conventional io game (it’s not popular either)

Just tried it out and I’m hooked! It is great fun! Sorta similar to konkr.io in strategy

I remember a yorg.io 2 was made (maybe also a 3? I forgor)

They really upgraded the graphics, man. Also yorg.io ROCKS!

They did?! Is there a link? Btw my base is here


wow, that’s a huge base!

I just checked yorg, they have a third game too! It’s really awesome!