What are the requirements to become a developer?

What are the requirements to become a developer?

I am wondering this so that i can learn the skill set to help out with these io games.

I know this will be different for each creator but answer with what you would want.

Currently I have a certification for responsive web design from freeCodeCamp.org

I am also working on a Javascript Algorithims and data structures course.

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I think that depends on who you ask

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I agree and for that reason i included the 3rd paragraph

Being a developer does not have “requirements”. If someone develops, he is a developer. Simple as that. If you want to start working on actual projects, better start practicing. The courses are great and all but the real development comes from you actually programming.

I’d tell you to work on your own projects, but I understand it can be hard to come up with one. This is why I suggest you try to ignore any sense of organisation, code ANYTHING that comes to mind. Don’t come up with a great plan for some game, because you’ll give up as quickly as you start, especially this early on. Most of us devs don’t use courses, or at most used them back when we were total beginners. Instead, we come up with a solution ourselves then use a mixture of Google and our own knowledge of the language to code it. We use Google lots because nobody actually memorises the language, we just naturally remember it after googling it a bunch for a couple projects.

Say I need to know how to get the absolute value of a number. I use plenty of languages and forget which is which. The one I’m looking for uses abs(num) to get the absolute value. If you take a course, you are bound to forget it. Nobody remembers it, and you are wasting precious time. Whenever I need to find the absolute value of a number, I just google “get absolute value of an int programming language” or something like that, and I get my answer. I do this to every function, every time I need one. Sometimes, I google it enough to naturally remember it from last time, no longer needing to google it. THIS is how you learn to code, not through courses, but like this.

That said, make whatever you like. Nobody makes a masterpiece on the first try, and I took 6 years of programming experience to make a decent flappy bird clone. Don’t rush, getting a certificate does not mean you know everything.

HOWEVER, doing those “challenges” at the end of each course in freeCodeCamp.org is VERY beneficial for you, as it does the planning for you.

A site I regularly visit is leetcode.com, as they provide “short” challenges, allowing you to code without having to think of stupid site ideas or smth. I can say some of them are pretty hard, though.

Oh yeah, remember as long as you can code, you’ll be a developer. If you want to work on IO games, JS/TS with a framework like Pixi.js (or any other one) would be great. Again, learn all game design principles before applying.


Thanks! The reason I want to have a team is so that I do not mess up and can know what to do. Because currently my problem is coming up with ideas to execute my ideas for games and apps.

I also don’t know a good place to code without having to pay or only do challenges

Challenges are great, believe me. They provide an opportunity for you to learn how to think like a developer, without the hassle of thinking of project management.


I also use chat gpt

Go to https://vscode.dev/ its free good ide


Yes, and you should work towards fixing your problem. I know it’s hard, I had the same issue (explains my lack of games). The only advice I can suggest is to try to form a habit of not caring about what you write. Try to ignore good game design, and impressing people, and all that.

It is not the ideas that we have issues with, it is that we are so obsessed with perfection that we look so far in search for an idea that encompasses everything we want, yet we cannot find it.

Like a true programmer, I will leave you the issue of fixing this. It is hard, but to become a programmer, you must overcome.

chatgpt is fine, but it can make mistakes. Google will help you learn to be a good researcher. I can now, after years, find information on basically any subject.

EDIT: and as future said, the VSCode text editor (not an IDE, that would be Visual Studio) is fantastic. I personally have it downloaded, but you can use it online if you like (never even knew it was available online).


gyatthub codespaces

I took some of your advice and am starting to work on other thing other than the certifications…

My first (somewhat) functioning project: Pi Digits

Good work. Kept it simple and achievable. Keep it up. Make sure you work on all areas of programming before moving onto larger projects. With this project, you have learnt how to get keystroke input. Continue with other small projects, to learn more about other areas of programming, like mouse input, file manipulation, etc. You can pair different skills in the same project as long as it is not too difficult. Practice the same skills several times in different projects to make sure you’ve got the hang of things. Only after all that are you able to make serious projects.

Pro tip: in order to make sure you don’t treat the project seriously, actively use humour and informal language in your projects & incode comments.

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Thanks and happy birthday!:confetti_ball::birthday:

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only thing you need is half a brain and a feeling of stubbornness

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Especially the stubbornness lol.

My replit account that I am working on rn is F1NN96 I think


great! you have a web design certificate. In the creation of an io game, I’d maybe focus on the networking side of things now, and understanding the concepts. TCP/UDP/IP and all that stuff and Node.js as a backend framework for JS. Personally, If you want to get right into helping io games I don’t feel the need for a data structures course right now, instead work on what I’ve mentioned earlier, though it does help you understand the order of how code compiles, etc. you should do data structures as a later thing, but its all your wish. Do some research and make a decision. Give yourself a pat and Good Job for coming this far!

PS/Edit: First master JavaScript before you move into other stuff. As you learn to code, ask ChatGPT to give you some mini self-projects to do and challenge yourself. By doing that you learn the syntax and the logic of things.

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