What has happened to this game

All the higher up players just bully newer players and cause the game to become unfun and annoying HOW HAVE WE ALLOWED THIS GAME WORSE THAN CALL OF DUTy all of the most experienced players just bully the newer players I see so many people play the game and say it was fun and leave the next day because all the oldest players just spawn kill them what had happened and all I are going to say is skill issue how can u be good if you are spam killed and never able to get and experience this game has just been so toxic and repeating like u can’t say oh that is just one example so many others players agree shadow agrees even bread agrees that this game is so hostile and so annoying due to so many toxic players like sage,angel,vul,zarooma and the only way that you can have fun when they are playing is if there day has gone perfectly and that never happens they spam killed me when I just joined and I never got a chance in the early days to have fun what has happened to this game.


Go away loser. Stop whining and get good.


ur bad lol ligma bals


To everyone who is saying skill issue… It is not just that. Even if a new player is fairly skilled, good players will in fact just attack them for no reason, and sometimes keep killing them afterwards.
When they do, if the player fights back AT ALL then every single person who is teaming (usualy the ‘pro’ players) will also attack them.
And of course they are going to lose if they are against a bunch of good players. Plus, they will have a hard time getting any better if no one lets them have a fair fight.
Besides, saying “get good” is toxic and is a terrible way to respond to this.

I do understand that this is really nooby and I agree that we shouldn’t just let new players do whatever all the time, so instead just kill them once if you have to and then if they keep being pests then whatever, but don’t purposely go to them and spawn kill because that is just rude.

So anyways don’t get mad but I kinda agree with kingusername here, but usually you can find at least one server without the ‘pro’ players so just go there I guess bc i don’t think anybody will actually change their minds.


I agree with KingUsername and bread. It’s just infuriating to watch pro players just team up on new ones. As old players, we should be welcoming to new ones… that’s the only way to keep this game and community growing.

Personally, I only fight and kill new players when it is necessary, meaning only in self-defense. Let the fights come to you. Sure, killing players may be a fast way to get gold and xp, but we should respect other players’ wishes to just grind and have fun.

But more importantly, none of us should be teaming on any new players. There is no honor in winning against a single player when you have a whole gang chasing after them. Yes, it may be faster to kill players if you have others helping you, but that’s just not fair to new players. At the very least, fight them 1 on 1 so they have a chance to defend themselves.

Sometimes, I just see teaming as a form of cowardice; if you aren’t able to win fights by yourself, then don’t go starting fights at all.


Agree even when I go on my secret alt i get bullied


Isn’t your secret alt just no acount

Imagine coder getting clowned on by zarooma

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I get why you dislike it, but like what should we do lul. This is a problem plagued by every IO game over time, the greatest solution is to literally deal with it lol.


skill issue lol

I love how you talk about “respecting other people’s wishes…” most of the people who go after me don’t respect mine lol…anyways, I only kill people who are above 5k, because there’s no point killing anybody who has less (unless they’re roaching).


yea nobody teams anymore (i still do bcz im overly friendly for no reason and idk why) but i want swordbattle.io bullying to stop WAIT I HAVE A GREAT IDEA


As I said, in those cases, it would just be self-defense, then killing those players would be justified. I’m saying that if players are just breaking chests and not attacking you, then pro players should probably leave them be.

I completely agree with not killing players with less than 5k (other than people who are roaching)

If you know me I hate teaming, when I do is only to protect friendships, and if you look at my account it is fairly new. So, instead of being salty try to improve your skills. When you are smaller you are faster, just run from the bigger players, break chests and get big. Improve your pvp, and you’ll be unbeatable in no time.
Good Luck : )

ya but i want coins :((((

well back then i wasnt the best now look im the second best pvper

Ur not second best…

Idk on that one