What if.....

What if everyone in tgfb quit?
What if codergautam never started forum and sb?
What if the world is a dream?
What if this world is you in another world dreaming about another world???

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What if you could touch grass?!

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What if, we didnt have taxes,

What if i died
What if i was never born

What if… we didn’t say what if😱

omg your so right:O

What if yall shut the hell up

It a revelation :scream::scream::scream::scream:

what if u didnt say shut the hell up?

What if u didnt ask

ye what if u didnt reply?

then communism

What if you closed this topic


What if you never said that XD

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what if i opened the topic?


What if people stoped talking now even though it’s open XD

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