What is the most XP you have gotten in a day?

go to Swordbattle.io/usernamehere
Go to the charts.
Set Total to Gained.
Take a screenshot of the highest amount of XP.

I had about 650k XP in a day.
The reason I can’t post screenshot stats are blocked If you want to see for yourself go to this link

3… millon


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Okay here’s a poll

  • 0-10k
  • 10k-50k
  • 50k-100k
  • 100k-250k
  • 250k-500k
  • 500k-1m
  • 1m-2m
  • 2m-5m
  • 5m+
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for XP in a day

this much


Here is how much i gain per day

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How about this?


i haven’t even seen you/which server?

Multiple servers I just play later in the day

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2,489,524 XP is the most I got in one day…

but you know something funny, is that the most KILLS i’ve gotten were from when I first joined. The first time I got 1 million coins. I got 755, which as far as I know is the most anyone (other than Acol) has gotten in one day : )


Dang my top is only 531 lol but I got to ask what is your most hours played my bet is on 6 to 7

5hr 55min 26sec, Almost 6hrs but not quite. I play for a long time but I don’t throw away my whole day playing swordbattle.





How much have you gotten?

Wait your top is 500k xp in a day thats is pretty much a ez goal don’t go calling people amutres like bread is top 5

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i’m saying the time i play per day, not the coins i get per day

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