What should be the title you get if you win the Artbattle?

Pick the title you would want to get if you won! (reply if you think u have a better one that is not listed here)
  • ArtBattle Finalist
  • ArtBattle Winner
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ArtBattle Champion is the best, actually

  • Artbattle Finalist
  • ArtBattle winner
  • ArtBattle Champion
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me personally i like the sound of finalist better but im not gonna be one of the people competing for this title soo

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me personally think art LORD is the best even ART GOD sounds better

Finalist would be top 2

ye but that’s way too many titles

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it would make sense if there were a lot more people, though.


The Champion of Artbattle

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Champion definitely is the better title. Someone should do that for TGFB.(Next season)

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Honeslty i was gonna say the winner of TGFB (The great forum battles) is TGFB (The greatest forum battler)

So far all 4 of the big forum competitions have had a flaw:

TGFB: Bias and lack of preparedness
SB Olympics: TGFB but only the bad parts + the inability to deal with ties
SB cup: Unorganized
Sbab: the bracket at first, but that’s more of a tba competition

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Last words of potatolord…

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I don’t know whether I should be sad or happy

Artbattle champion was definitely the best, thanks hamm