...What should I do with this sword?

So, I’m not sure if many of you remember, but there was an infamous “Skin creator” named Spectral, and when he asked me to make a sword for one of his skins, I did(It was for a fire and ice skin). …Turns out the so-called skin he had made was copyrighted so… What the heck am I supposed to do with this sword now?! Give me your suggestions. Cause I don’t wanna just throw it out.


revise the fire and water skin

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because the skin sucks ngl

throw it off a building m8… Nah but fr tho idk maybe remake water and fire skin


I mean this
just make it water and fire

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no do not do this

revise the skin the water and fire skin)

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Does that skin already exist?

no just remake spectrals skin but make it better


I mean, I’ll just make a water and fire skin then, since his skin was copyrighted, I’m just gonna make a new skin

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i meant to use this

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I help cosmic with skins, (Although I do not add them) Helping cosmic with skins is only temporary until I find a job from codergautam.

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;-; this is going off topic lets keep this on track m8