What should i name this evol skin?

what should i name it?

i feel like it definetly needs to be better if it were to be in the game or have a name.


hmmm yea

thanks for the suggestion, I’m working on it right now

is this better @dev3x?

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:expressionless: you just changed the color and also look at some of the evols to get better ideas on how to improve it.

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i didnt change it, the other one was a bit messy so i made it less messier

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I meant with the outlining

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and also i was okay with this skin to be an evol but idk

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excluding the sword

so…@ANGEL wht do u think bout that?

mmm I think its okay but smth just ruins it all

what is it?

(no offences) but honestly the artstyle just kills it

:( its ok, i’ll try my best to make a evol

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