What's swordbattles hosting setup?

Where are you hosting swordbattle? Why not host on replit directly? Jw to host my next game

I’m hosting on heroku for just one annoying thing with replit, and it’s not because of latency or any type of lag. Replit actually worked much better for me in terms of lag and connection issues. But, the problem with using replit for hosting is that it “restarts”. your repl every so often. This in itself isn’t a huge deal for me, Replit shares repls across multiple GCP Spot instances, and it has to move your repl to a different server every once in a while. I would really like it if I can specify what time this should happen, like in the night time for the US when there is the least amount of players.

Also, it’s bad for me how you have no way of “handling” this restart. In heroku, it gives me some time to write all the players’ data into a database before kicking them all out, but not on Replit. I would love it if there was a simple script that could be run when the repl is about to be moved.