What's this?


Send the repl (usually its on replits side)


saw link?

yeah ofc its swordbattle repl, i dont even know why your playing swordbattle on replit. It never works for some reason. Just use https://swordbattle.io

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I do not use the online one. you can also go by clicking

why dont you use the online one (https://swordbattle.io)?

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just dont.

when will it be fixed though?

well I cant help you then. Replit is not good for playing swordbattle. This is on you because internal error is replits side which you cannot help.

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ok. i’ll wait for tomorrow. see how it is.

what time is it for you? just curious

You can also use this link io games unblocked - Sword.io

oh hi angel

hi sea



hi sea!!

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how did u know me

why wouldn’t i